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viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Export and Combat History

VCLC during the Argentine Army Exhibition in 2008

Although the TAM has never been exported, a number of nations were interested in buying it. In 1981, Malaysia signed a contract for 102 vehicles of the TAM family, including the tank, VCTP and VCRT (renaming these Lion, Tiger and Elephant, respectively). However, none of these vehicles were delivered and Malaysia chose to procure Poland's PT-91. In mid-1983, Peru established a contract for 80 TAMs. The order was, however, canceled due to budgetary problems after 20 tanks had been completed. A similar order was established by Panama in 1984, although this contract was also canceled.[31] In 1989 the TAM competed in a tank procurement order from Ecuador, alongside the American Stingray light tank, the AustrianSK-105 Kürassier and the French AMX-13-105 light tank. The TAM achieved 950 out of 1,000 points, while its closest competitor earned 750 points, but in the end Ecuador did not procure any of the vehicles presented.

In the Middle East, both Iran and Saudi Arabia expressed interest in the TAM. The Iranian deal fell through after Saudi Arabia and Iraq successfully appealed to Germany to cancel the order.Israel appealed to Germany to cancel the order. TAMSE attempted to sell 60 tanks through a Panamanian company, Agrometal, offering this company a commission worth 10% of the contract's price. This failed when TAMSE lowered the price of the vehicles, angering the Iranian government, which subsequently canceled the offer. The Saudi Arabian deal was scrapped when Failing to export the tank, the Argentine government of Menem closed the TAMSE fabrication plant in 1995.

The TAM did not participate in the Malvinas War, although it had entered service by the beginning of the conflict. Later, seventeen VCTPs were deployed with an Argentina battalion to Yugoslavia during United Nations peacekeeping operations.

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