El Golpe Militar que destruyó la Industria Nacional

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

The Sun

The sensationalist tabloid The Sun entered squarely the campaign of agitation belicista originated in the United Kingdom in support of the petroleum perforation the Malvinas. It was saying in its lid : * "The Royal Navy intercepted to an Argentine nose in waters of the Falklands, in the middle of the diplomatic tensions between Great Britain and Argentina ".

HMS York de la Royal Navy

* It did not record the date of the event, key to understand the falsehood of the news.

Corvette Drummont of the Armed Argentina

The meeting – indeed reality, a contact for radio- between the destroyer HMS York of the Royal Navy, assigned to the protection of the islands, and the corvette Drummond of the Argentine Army was not as the British newspaper reports it and it happened at the end of January -between 26 and 28 of this month-, when Ocean Guardian, the British petroleum platform, had not yet arrived at the malvinense’s waters.

British platform Ocean Guardian

On Tuesday edition, this diary published the parliamentary dialog registered in the Book of Meetings of February 22, where the secretary ? of Defense in the shades of the Conservative party, Liam Fox, claims the Labour Party member who represents the Government of Gordon Brown, Bill Rammell, more budget for the Royal Navy, " due to the renewed tension in the South Atlantic, the challenges of the energetic safety and the fact that 92 per cent of the British trade moves by sea ".

Islas Malvinas - Provincia de Tierra del fuego e Islas del Atlatico Sur - Argentina

Argetino-French maneuvers:

The Drummond corvette, belonging to the Maritime Patrolled division, set sail of the Naval Base Mar del Plata on January 22 with the aim to accompany and realize naval practices close to two French ships, the portahelicópteros Jeanne D'Arc and the frigate Courbet.

The French noses were going to Ushuaia, refueling stop before passing to Chile.

Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego – Argentina

At the conclusion of these maneuvers, the corvette Drummond sailed to approximately 60 miles of the Malvinas. At this moment there was a radial contact with the British destroyer HMS York," a habitual practice ruled in the military protocol between two warships, which are fulfilled whenever an approximation takes place inside 50 nautical miles with center in the islands ", a sailor acquainted with the topic reported. " We also were overflown by a plane C-130 Hercules of RAF ", a sailor told to this diary, and added: " It is the procedure of routine to obtain photographic records and of step they check with the electronic means (GPS) geographical position of the ship ".

Hécules C-130 of the Royal Air Force

The Allah Air Member of an expedition 905 of the Royal Air Force in the islands includes to the Squadron 1312, equipped with an avión cisterna VC-10 and one C-130 Hercules; and the Squadron 1564 with two helicopters Is King for tasks of search and rescue. Besides 4 hunts (fighters) interceptores of last generation Typhoon.

French frigate Courbet in naval exercises with the Argentine Army.

There exists an agreement signed by both countries in the frame of measures of mutual confidence that foresees that any approximation of a warship up to a distance of 50 miles of the archipelago must promise to be with two hours of anticipation." This way it was fulfilled ", they confirmed sources of Defense. In that opportunity, and as a case of routine, the whole episode was put at knowledge of the secretary of International Matters of the Defense Department, Alfredo Forti.

Fuente : Ambito.com

Traduction: Mauro Cesar Canteros

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Estimado editor, hay errores en la traducción como, por ejemplo 'Armed Argentina' para señalar 'Armada Argentina'. Esta expresión, en inglés, debería escribirse 'Argentine Army'. Otro ejemplo es el de traducir 'la Argentina' como 'the Argentina'. Tanto 'la' Argentina como 'Argentina' (a secas), ambas se traducen igual, sin agregar 'the'. Saludos y felicitaciones por la página.

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